Niederösterreichische Kulturwirtschaft GmbH
Toward the end of the 1990s, Lower Austria started seeking out new strategies in arts and cultural management. Niederösterreichische Kulturwirtschaft GmbH, a private holding company, has been responsible for the operational part of the arts and cultural sector since 2000. Various operating companies of Niederösterreichische Kulturwirtschaft GmbH (NÖKU) are responsible for the operational management of important Lower Austrian museums and exhibition halls, each of which presents a selection of the collection holdings of the Lower Austrian State Collections.

Museumsmanagement Niederösterreich
Museumsmanagement Niederösterreich is part of the Kultur.Region.Niederösterreich and acts as a documentation, service, education, and information center for about 750 regional, local, and special museums as well as collections, memorials, exhibition halls, theme trails, and museum associations in Lower Austria.
The main focal points of Museumsmanagement Niederösterreich are the assessment and documentation of Lower Austria’s diverse museum landscape, providing practical education for employees of museums and collections and handling the financial support for museums of the Province of Lower Austria.

Zentrum für Museale Sammlungswissenschaften an der Donau-Universität Krems
The Zentrum für Museale Sammlungswissenschaften (Center of Museum Collection Sciences) in cooperation with the State Collections of Lower Austria is tasked with scientifically developing and researching the collection strategy of the State Collections of Lower Austria according to the standards defined by the International Council of Museums (ICOM).
The collection holdings of the State Collections of Lower Austria determine the main focal points of the research conducted by the Zentrum für Museale Sammlungswissenschaften. The research subjects are developed across collections and in close cooperation with other universities and non-university research facilities and museums.








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